6 Facts that Your Business Needs to Know About Marketing to Women

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E-tailers and traditional catalog retailers take note. Women hold a prominent share of today’s buying dollar, spending approximately $5 trillion annually.

There is great potential for your business to grab a healthy share of that pie. But first, you need to understand today’s woman buyer.

Fact #1: Today’s woman is independent and has her own money.

This may seem like an obvious fact. But, in truth, many companies seem to lose sight of this when choosing a marketing strategy for their products. They ignore differences that call for an explicit strategy to tackle this problem. When defining your own unique female target market, keep these observations in mind.

Facts #2: Women’s roles and priorities have changed.

Today’s woman is trying to do it all. They have expanded their realm of duties and taken on new roles in business as well as continuing traditional duties around the house. There are more single mothers acting as heads of the household.

Consequently, stress has increased in proportion to these additional responsibilities. Women feel the pressure of time as well as duty. But they are also proud of the way they handle the increased burdens. They cope by seeking out easier buying decisions.

Fact #3: While these changes take place, women still cling to parts of traditional femininity.

They want to feel attractive, they want to be attractive. Romance remains a high priority for women, and they look for ways to express their sexuality through their buying choices. In fact, new studies have revealed that women enjoy a stronger sex drive than traditional philosophy has suggested. And they want to feel like women expressing those desires.

Fact #4: Women read more than men.

And mostly fiction. 80% of the fiction market to be exact. Romance novels and so called “chick-lit” are enjoying healthy sales. So what does this mean to other retail companies who want to market to women?

Women seek out beautiful prose. Gearing product descriptions toward women’s needs using a language they can relate to and connect with opens those all important lines of communication with your target market.

Facts #5: Women want to be comfortable in their own skin.

Women enjoy being women. Apparel retailers take note. Women love clothes and they want their apparel to feel comfortable. Clothing needs to be attractive but wearable. It should support their confidence, allow for acceptance of flaws, and feel good. They want to know women like them are wearing those clothes, so models should look more like them.

These points apply to other types of women’s purchases also. Dig into what makes a woman feel comfortable.

Fact #6: Women are not men, and they want to be treated like women.

They want to be understood. They go to more trouble than men to obtain what they want. Women are more concerned with the perfect answer for them, not what is the biggest and best. They want what works for them, so they base a good portion of their buying decision on recommendations from other women. Hint, add reviews from other women into your marketing materials.

Women make buying choices in a different way from men. If you want your marketing to succeed with women, you must understand these facts and apply them in your campaign.

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    • I would suspect that they are home when their schedule permits. Marketing today encompasses both brick-and-mortar and online sales, which (for busy homemakers) happens generally from a home computer. Savvy decision-makers have more choice and convenience for shopping than ever before.

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