3 Steps to Product Descriptions that Sell for Online Women’s Apparel Retailers

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By Monica Nelson

If you are ready to take your women’s apparel e-tail or retail store to the next level, here are three easy steps to product descriptions that sell.

First step, get found.

My husband, an excellent businessman, has a buzz word he uses when he talks to people about their new business. He asks them if they have a “secret business.” There are lots of people who try to run secret businesses – I’ve known many of them. They put together their concept, open their virtual doors, and expect the world to come knocking. Those people, unless they change their approach, end up closing those doors because they have no customers.

I suspect, if you are reading this, you are one of the enlightened business owners who knows that you must do marketing in order to get customers. As you build your marketing plan, remember to add search engine optimization (SEO) into it and your website. One overlooked aspect of SEO, particularly for women’s apparel online stores, is a unique product description for each and every piece of clothing you sell.

Second step, capture the prospective buyer’s attention.

So, we’ve established that you need a unique product description. The second step is to make it compelling. If you have a drab one-liner that is simply a rewrite of the manufacturer’s description, you may have original content to pull them to your site, but do you have enough to get them to open their wallets? If you are relying on the picture alone, you may get some, if you’re lucky, maybe half, who can imagine themselves donning the garment with a smile. If 50% interest is your goal, this may be good enough. But not everyone is a visual buyer. If you want 100% interest, you need to include people who need a narrative of benefits.

Third step, fit their needs and get them to buy.

So you’ve decided you want the larger percentage. How do you tickle their buying bone? This is where it starts to get a little more complex. You have to combine a language that is appealing with the cold, hard facts of your product’s benefits. If you read 6 Facts, you know that women are readers of fiction and enjoy literary prose. Employing this tactic while keeping in mind other facts about women’s buying habits, for example, affinity with other women’s choices, will resonate with that audience.

One marketing strategy you can not ignore is giving unique and compelling product descriptions for individual products. Use this three-step process to build product descriptions that sell.

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