Power Up Your Product Descriptions with Emotional Words

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By Monica Nelson

Who’s Got the Power?

Emotions hold a great deal of energy. Think back to a time when you felt great emotion over something: you were angry, or frustrated, or hurt. What about the positive emotions? A new love, a promotion, or reunion with an old friend or lost relative. As you think about these times, can you feel the energy behind them?

This energy translates into power. Feelings have great power over our actions, beliefs, and desires. So it is no stretch of the imagination that tapping this energy of emotions can boost the selling power of your product’s description.

So you understand the power of emotions. Let’s look at a related rule. We communicate with words. Words are the tool with which you relay how your product can help your potential customers. And in turn, compel those customers to buy your product from you.

If you combine these two understandings, you know that it is important to use emotional words if you are going to effectively communicate a marketing message. That is, generate sales.

Is there a difference in one word vs. another?

Yes. Emotional words are active, enthusiastic, and straightforward. They motivate people to take action. They engage your target audience through feeling to compel a buy response.

How do I know which words to use?

Use yourself as a barometer. Get comfortable and relaxed. Now, like you did in the first paragraph, say the word to yourself, and judge your reaction. If you need some words to get you started, here are a couple of lists:

Power Words for Emotional Selling

50 Trigger Words and Phrases for Powerful Multimedia Content

If you want to check the content of descriptions already written, use Paul Galloway’s tool. Look for the red words. The first is your rational word, followed by the suggested emotional word.

Power up those product descriptions. Replace blah words with power-packed emotional words. See the difference.

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