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My Bio:

I have always had an interest in fashion from the time I was a little girl, drawing clothes for my paper dolls, to my first year of college when I studied fashion design, down through the years making my own clothes.

While this talent resided in the personal interest side of my life, I began cultivating my interest in writing. In 1998, I began writing professionally while working as a technical writer in the MIT Department for a financial services company. Moving on, I then worked for an Internet optimization company in the same capacity. From these experiences, I learned the basics of writing good documentation.

After a family tragedy forced me to leave my career, I continued doing what I love — writing but in a different way. I became fascinated with copywriting and how to send a marketing message that really speaks to a prospective customer. After a few years of freelance efforts, I became a business owner. I never abandoned that love of writing taking a personal interest in the company’s marketing materials and other business documentation.

I am continuing my transformation as a writer combining the technical expertise with my new copywriting and creative skills to assist business owners in meeting their customers’s needs. I believe that with full commitment through intuitive and emotionally-connected writing, I can help companies grow their business with each document they produce.

My Vision:

To communicate accurately and completely the client’s marketing, technical, or business message using strong, concise and results-oriented language. To build each project to perfection. To invest as much enthusiasm into a client’s success as I do into my own.

Contact me for a free one-hour consultation to discuss your business needs.

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