Why . . .

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. . . hire a technical communicator to write your business communications?

  • 30% of professionals do not have the skills to communicate effectively. (EE Times)

  • As a small business or sole proprietor, you have greater concerns.

  • Efficient business owners know that they can not be experts in everything – they hire professionals.

  • English and grammar mistakes make your business look less competent.

  • Your message is critical. Don’t leave the task of communicating it to someone who is not trained to optimize it.

  • . . . hire a creative to write your web, ad, and sales copy?

    • Different type of writing requiring specialized skill combined with creative flair.

    • Learning to write copy takes enormous amounts of study and practice.

    • Analyze your time. How much is it worth?

    • Can you afford to do it yourself?

    . . . hire a professional writer to design your web content?

    • There are over 270 million Internet users in North America alone, representing 78.3% of the population. (Internet World Stats)

    • Visitors read about 4.4 seconds per every 100 words or approximately 18-28% of your content. (Dr. Jakob Nielsen, Alertbox, May 6, 2008)

    • Writing for the Web is completely different from other forms of writing.

    • You have a few seconds to catch a visitor’s attention.

    • The best way to make use of your Internet presence is to hire a good writer/editor to revamp you content. (Dr. Jakob Nielsen, Alertbox, #6, March 12, 2007)

    . . . use the services of a freelance writer/editor rather than an employee?

    • In the past five years, business writing demands have increased 25%. (EE Times)

    • Save money on benefits and lost hours.

    • An outside source can see what you and your employees have overlooked.

    • If your employee is not skilled in writing, it will show.

    • A good writer will help you develop your brand through your written communication.


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